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Download our FREE eBooks. We’ve given you a head start and insider’s knowledge on what makes a good property and why some properties are better than others.

Our eBooks are written in plain, easy to understand language and are the perfect guide for both beginners to property and seasoned purchasers. We lay out many of the property criteria we look for that set one property apart from another.

Why do some houses perform better than others, even in the same suburb?

This guide provides our insider’s knowledge to help choose the best property for your budget and future needs.

What you can expect:

  • 6 step guide with easy to follow advice
  • Practical information to apply to any property
  • Hints and tips about what to look for and what to avoid
  • FREE resource

Why most new apartments aren’t worth buying

This property guide will help you identify what apartments are worth buying and what features makes them better.

What you can expect:

  • 6 steps for better apartment selection
  • Easy to understand DO’s and DON’T’s
  • No-nonsense information to make smarter decisions
  • FREE resource
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Property reports that will help you to buy better in the first place so that ultimately your property should be worth more when it comes time to sell later.